Kuntao Martial Arts Club

Kuntao Program for Adults and Teens

Born of parallel practices from the fighting disciplines: Kali and Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu;

Kuntao Martial Arts Club created a proved system to develop: your body, your sense, and your abilities.  

The Snake, Vine, and Steel System



Also known as Skin

Discipline: Empty hand techniques 

Offence and defensive system of: Disarms, Traps, and Strikes. Used against empty hand, single and double weapon. 


Also known as Stick

Discipline: Rattan sticks

A diverse series of weapon configurations designed and taught to defeat all fighting styles and weapons.


Also known as Blade

Discipline: Swords and Knives

Controlling an edged weapon with strict training of form, attack, and defense. Turning the weapon into an extension of your body.

Our KUNTAO program is focused on developing strength, flexibility and self defense skills.

Students are taken through a combined program of conditioning and skill development.

World-Class Self Defense

Improved Strength

 Improved Flexibility

Improved Focus

Break Your Limits


Combat Conditioning Class


A specialized course blending Cardio, Fitness, and Combat drills to: build muscle, strengthen endurance, and sharpen your sense.


The station system: 

Pyramid Drills

Cross Training

Combat Exercise


A well-rounded body of work that will enable you to break your limits and reach new stages of fitness.